Rock crystal belongs to the quartz group minerals, and its main chemical composition is SiO2 is often produced in the form of crystal clusters and crystal holes. Quartz is the most important rock-forming ore in the earth’s crust One of the materials, the output is wide, but the formation conditions of crystal are more severe than ordinary quartz Engraving: First, there needs to be sufficient and stable growth space, such as underground caves; second It is necessary to have a slightly alkaline and low salinity water source rich in siliceous minerals; the third need-fixed Temperature (160°C-400°C) and pressure (2-3 times atmospheric pressure), such as volcanic eruptions Under the conditions of hair and other conditions; finally after an appropriate time, it will follow the natural law of the hexagonal crystal system Then it crystallizes into natural crystal.

Nature Stone

Epidote Crystal

There are many types of crystal inclusions and different shapes, green Cordite crystal is a crystal variety named after the color of the inclusion one. Epidote crystals are columnar, and the aggregate of crystals is one Generally granular, the shade of green is due to the iron content in the crystal The amount is different, the more iron, the darker the color.

Purple Titanium

Purple Titanium crystals have become less and less in recent years, Especially this kind of pinkish purple with pyrite This purple titanium crystal also has a semi-potted symbiotic ore with a black cornucopia.

Noble Crystal

The crystal is often a tetragonal trioctahedron. The color is pink, maroon or dark red, the hardness is 7-7.5, and the relative density is 4.32. It is a typical metamorphic mineral, mainly found in regional metamorphic rocks.

Crafted Natural Crystal Antique

China has a very long history of crystal crafting. Since 500,000 years, at the Peking Ape Man site in Zhoukoudian, tools made of crystal were excavated. Crystal carving techniques are similar to stone carvings and jade carvings. It has the gentleness of jade carving and the fineness of stone carving.

Double Horse Snuff Bottle

Natural Crystal Red Agate Copper Gilt Necklace

Natural Crystal Hollow Carving Cruise

Natural Crystal Oval Accessories

Natural Ancient Crystal Small Auspicious Beast Accessories

Natural Crystal Dragon with Brush Washing

“When a crystal forms of natural circumstances, it holds the energy, memories and history of its surroundings: the earth.”

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