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The outstanding masters of crystal art​

Throughout history, crystal as a living appliance or status symbol in China’s various dynasties derived a variety of extraordinary artistic categories.

Times give birth to new technologies, generation after generation of craftsmen in the crystal world to inherit the tradition, continuous innovation, so that the crystal art is still brilliant today.

Wu Zixiong

Song of Life

Wu Zixiong,He has been engaged in glass art for more than 60 years. He is famous at home and abroad for his skillful skills and profound attainments. With his unique skill of carving on a grinding wheel, he has been exhibited in more than a dozen countries and regions, such as the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, and Italy. More than 30,000 foreign friends inscribed and signed his words of praise for him, and he was honored as a “Civilian Diplomat”.

Jin Quancai


Jin Quancai,Master of Chinese arts and crafts. He has been influenced by family education since childhood and has laid a solid foundation of literature and calligraphy. He has the good artistic quality and is good at Chinese Western painting and art design, and large glass carving famous at home and abroad.

Sun Jijie

Colorful Sky in Bottle

Sun Jijie,Born in 1945, he began to work on interior painting in 1960. After more than 30 years of careful research and brave exploration, he has finally formed his own unique artistic style, which is highly praised by the international snuff bottle association and collectors.

Wang Yuancheng


Wang Yuancheng,A native of Longjing Mountain, born in 1963 in Pujiang, Zhejiang, 2001
Founded the China Crystal Craft Museum and served as the curator. Now China
Glass art master, great country craftsman (approved in 2020), Zhejiang Province
Master of Arts and Crafts, Senior Arts and Crafts Artist, Member of Provincial American Association, Provincial
Consultant of Crystal Association, Crystal Technology Sub-committee of National Standardization Committee
Deputy Secretary-General, Visiting Professor of China Jiliang University, China Arts and Crafts
Director of the Association, Director of China Daily Glass Association.

SUN Yunyi

Octagonal Bottle

SUN Yunyi,In 2017, the most beautiful employee in the country, a senior arts and crafts artist, the first
The first Chinese art master in the art and beauty industry, Chinese glass·liquid art master,
Master of Arts and Crafts of Shandong Province, Master of Interior Painting, Famous and Valuable in Shandong Province
The representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of chicken oil yellow and chicken liver stone.
The creation of chicken oil yellow chicken liver stone works was awarded by the city of Bristol, UK
Museum and Art Museum, National Gallery of South Australia, Australia, Beijing Museum
Collection display of Baoyun Building in the Palace Museum. All kinds of chicken oil yellow chicken created
Liver stone works have successively participated in the design and production of gifts for major national events.
Obtained good results and reputation in major competitions at home and abroad.

Xiao Tai

Voice of Wind

As one of the representative artists of contemporary glass art in China, his works have won many awards and collections in domestic and foreign art exhibitions. He has published a number of monographs on glass art, organized academic activities, and devoted himself to the cultivation and dissemination of Chinese glass art talents for a long time.

Yue Zunfeng

Fu Lu Man Tang

The word eternity, the title of the Royal Yipin Zhaizhu. Zibo Zunfeng mosaic art Curator of Lao Liuli Museum, non-inherited glazed skills of Shandong University of Arts Art lecturer. Master of Chinese colored glaze art, Master of Arts and Crafts of Shandong Province, Senior Arts and Crafts Artist, Director of Shandong Arts and Crafts Association, Shandong Provincial light industry technical expert, Zibo inlaid intangible cultural heritage Inheritor. Adhering to the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese mosaics, his creative style The grid is developed on the basis of inlaid and absorbed advanced creative concepts, Integrating mosaic skills and porcelain carving art into one, created the original “Tao Liucuo” The craftsmanship pushes the art of inlay to a new height.

Li Yupu

African Impression

Secretary and Deputy Dean of the School of Handcraft Art, China Academy of Art, Master Scholar tutor. Glass Art Professional Committee of China Arts and Crafts Association Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General, leading the young and middle-aged subjects in Zhejiang colleges and universities Member, Member of the Tenth Committee of Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation, Xihu District, Hangzhou Vice Chairman of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Member of Chinese Artists Association, Architectural Society of China Member of Interior Design Society, Member of Zhejiang Artists Association, China Chairman of the Federation of Overseas Chinese of the Academy of Fine Arts, Chairman of the Federation of Overseas Chinese, Chairman of China Academy of Art Director of Engineering Art Experimental Center.
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Wang Shudong


Wang Shudong, Chairman of Pujiang County Dongzhou Crystal Co., Ltd.; Chairman of Zhejiang Crystal Craft Products Association; Zhejiang Crystal Glass Craftsman; Vice Chairman of China Daily Glass Association; The first “Pujiang Craftsman”.


Li Fubiao

The Tea-The Mountain

Li Fubiao,In charge of the glass art studio of Shanghai Vocational College of Arts and Crafts
People; Deputy Curator of China Crystal Arts Museum; China Arts and Crafts Association
Deputy Secretary-General of the Glass Art Committee; Craftsmanship of China Collectors Association
Distinguished Artist of the Collection Committee; Pujiang Vocational and Technical School Crystal
Member of the Professional Expert Committee; Bachelor and Master graduated from Tsinghua University Fine Arts
College of glass art major; once worked in Shandong University of Arts and Crafts,
School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University; works won the “12th National Art Exhibition”
Excellence Award, Outstanding Project Achievement of “National Art Fund”.

Hu Weihua


Hu Weihua,Founder and principal of Hu Weihua Colored Glass Art Studio; The other side of history was collected by the Shanghai Museum of Glass. His works won the “Art Youth” theme group exhibition in Guangzhou International Art Fair and won the award of the best original works.

Liu Mingyue


Liu Mingyue,Born in Hebei in March 1984, engaged in crystal glass production
For more than 20 years, he is particularly good at casting large-scale colored glaze sculptures. In succession
Hai University, China Academy of Art, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Suzhou
Large-scale glazed sculpture casting in cooperation with the Academy of Arts and Crafts and many museums
Product. It has a leading level both domestically and internationally.

Zhou Si

Word Fang

Zhou Si,In 2009, his work “Word Square” won the finalist prize of the second laboratory exhibition of China Academy of Art Top 10 Pioneers of “China New Power” Gift Industry in 2011; Silver Prize of the 4th Exhibition of Works by Famous Glass Artists of China