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Ancient Chinese Crystal Collection

The crystal has a pure and flawless texture and is also suitable for exquisite and ingenious decoration techniques. 

China has a very long history of crystal carving. As early as 500,000 years ago.

Stone tools made of crystal were excavated in the Peking Ape Man site in Zhoukoudian. 

During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, crystal products were mainly used for visits, weddings and burials, sacrifices and covenants.

There were rings, jun, bi, etc. made of crystal in the Han Dynasty.

Crystal pillows, curtains, lamps, etc. in the Tang Dynasty.

Crystals in the Song and Yuan Dynasties The teacup made.

With the further development of crystal processing technology and equipment, seals and pearls made of crystal began to appear in the Qing Dynasty.

Ingenuity Ponder

Gradually refined production process

The carving craftsmanship of crystal is in the same line as other jade, and there are many similarities in the decoration, subject matter, meaning and technique.

However, due to the greater difficulty of crystal carving, it has not become the mainstream jade carving material in Chinese history.

Even so, crystal has become an irreplaceable important component of jade carving craft materials by virtue of its various gemological characteristics, and many vision crystals have been given image descriptions and meanings by people.

At the same time, the craftsmen also found another way, mimicking crystals with materials such as glass and colored glaze.

When craftsmen design and sculpt, they rely on traditional jade, porcelain and other crafts and technologies, and on this basis, change and innovate, covering ornaments, pendants, vessels, seals, beads, snuff bottles, religious rituals, and life Articles, etc.

The content includes religion, animals, flowers, landscapes, characters, auspicious patterns, combination meanings, etc.

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