Wang Yuancheng

The Curator & Co-Founder of China Crystal Museum

The National China Crystal & Craft Museum’ was founded by Wang Yuancheng, the Chinese National Master of Crafts.

After a visit to “The Crystal World” in Innsbruck, Austria in 1996, Mr Wang recognize the importance to share his crystal antique collection and crafts to the world together with his knowledge. The very first ‘The National China Crystal & Craft Museum’ was officially opened to the public in October 2001. Its original site is located Pujiang Economic Development Zone, the heart of Crystal & craft production location at the time.

Since its opening, Xi Jinping, Zhang Dejiang, Li Tieying, Peng Peiyun, Li Zemin, Zhao Hongzhu, Li Qiang, Chen Yixin and Zhong Shan, and many more vital CPC Party Leaders had visited ‘The National China Crystal & Craft Museum’. The museum provides a platform for friends, colleges and universities, academic institutions, artist from other sectors of society to exchange ideas about crystal culture. Visitors comes all corners of the world. International renown artist and academic of crystal & crafts Han Meilin, Xiao Feng, Fang Zengxian, Zhang Lichen, Wu Shanming and Chen Jialeng had also visited the museum and provide significant contribution to the museum. 


Great Country Craftsman
Master of Chinese Glass Art
Chinese art master
Director of China Arts and Crafts Association
Director of China Daily Glass Association
Deputy Secretary-General of the Crystal Crafts Subcommittee of the National Standardization Committee
Visiting Professor of China Jiliang University
Consultant of Zhejiang Crystal Crafts Association
Member of Zhejiang Artists Association


Wang Yuancheng, was born in 1963 in Pujiang, Zhejiang province. There have been numerous celebrities in Pujiang, known as the "State Of Culture", "Hometown Of Calligraphy And Painting", and "City Of Crystal" Wang Yuancheng was influenced by crystal culture and calligraphy and painting culture since he was a child


Wang Yuancheng attended the calligraphy and painting training held by Pujiang Cultural Museum under the instruction of master artists like Fang Zengxian, Wu Shanming, and Hu Liangyong.


Wang Yuancheng was admitted to the Pujiang Wu Opera troupe and studied Theatre Design under Shi Zhaodong. After that, he began to learn Freehand Brushwork in traditional Chinese painting from Zhang Lichen in CAFA (China Central Academy of Fine Arts).


Wang Yuancheng founded the China Crystal Art Museum and became the first curator. His works have participated in many national, provincial and municipal competitions, and won grand, gold, silver and bronze prizes for many times. Some of his artworks had been collected by many museums.

Artwork by Wang Yuancheng