Crystal History

The history of crystal can be said to run through the development history of the entire Chinese nation.

Due to various reasons such as politics (such as tribute), economy (business, etc.), culture (communication and visit), precious gems such as crystal, glass, agate, amber have also been imported into China through the land and sea Silk Roads, and have been linked to traditional Chinese culture. Collision with craftsmanship creates new sparks, leaving a deep mark on social life, cultural awareness and many other aspects.

Wonderful In The Long History Of China

Spring & Autumn & Warring States Period

Han Dynasty

Tang Dynasty

Song Yuan Period

Qing Dynasty

Ancient Crystal

Ancient Chinese believed that crystals can ward off evil spirits, protect the body, gather wealth, and bring happiness and longevity.

Stone tools made of crystal were excavated in the Peking Ape Man site in Zhoukoudian. 

During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, crystal products were mainly used for visits, weddings and burials, sacrifices and covenants.

There were rings, jun, bi, etc. made of crystal in the Han Dynasty.

Crystal pillows, curtains, lamps, etc. in the Tang Dynasty.

Crystals in the Song and Yuan Dynasties The teacup made.

With the further development of crystal processing technology and equipment, seals and pearls made of crystal began to appear in the Qing Dynasty.

Glass Jewelry Collection Tool

Historical Period
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Antique Collection

The Name

 Tawny Flower Enamel


The Qing Dynasty




12 mm × 7 mm × 7 mm

The Name

Colored glaze Beauty


The Tang Dynasty


Coloured Glaze

The Name

 Glass Tube


The Han Dynasty




28 mm × 11 m × 11 mm

29 mm × 12 m × 12 mm

33 mm × 12 m × 8 mm